Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group


Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group is an incorporated association run by a group of volunteers who care for our natural and built heritage here in Western Australia


 • Help conserve the uniqueness and richness of the fauna, flora, heritage and waterways of Mandurah and its surroundings; 

• Provide activities, recreation and opportunities for everyone in the community to enjoy and respect our environment.



  Dudley Dolphin & the Dudley Dolphin Buddy Club  Website | Facebook



   Eyes on the Water Peel  Facebook


  Mandurah Tree Advocates  Website | Facebook



   Friends of Samphire Cove Nature Reserve  Website 



 Friends of Rivers, Peel  Website | Facebook 


   Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah & Pinjarra
  Website | Facebook 



We work closely with the following organisations: 

Peel Preservation Group Mandurah Dolphin Rescue City of Mandurah
Dept. of Parks & Wildlife Peel Harvey Catchment Council Estuary Guardians
John Tonkin Bush Rangers Mandurah Dolphin Research Project Men of the Trees
Museum Fishing Clinics Canoe Trail Friends of Mandurah & Pinjarra Make Place
Lions Club of Falcon Mandurah Dolphin Girl Guides Outdoors October



We are very grateful to the following organisations for sponsoring our activities:





The Mandurah Environment and Heritage Group was set up in conjunction with the City of Mandurah’s Community Development Team in April 2012 following a Mapping Our Community Heritage and Environment Event where we:

Informed a long-term plan for future community facilities;

Developed strategies to help our field and our community to flourish;

Explored the strengths and challenges facing our field in regards to: People, Assets and Infrastructure, Funding, Systems and Processes;

Shared ideas, opportunities and networks.

Following this successful event, the Community Development Team acknowledged the strong feelings in the community about protecting our local natural and built heritage which are considered Mandurah’s best assets. The team not only encouraged the formation of our group, but pledged to support us in our aims to share information about events and the issues affecting our community and to discuss how we can get involved, raise awareness and have a positive effect on what we value in and around Mandurah. We are proud that our ideas have been incorporated into the 20 Year Strategic Community Plan.