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Some of our family-friendly activities

Our popular mascot Dudley Dolphin and friends participated in the Falcon Lions Fishing Competition for kids in January in Falcon Bay. Check out the photos on Dudley Dolphin's Facebook Page

 Dudley Dolphin had great fun at the Children’s Festival.
He and his buddies provided a wealth of fun activities for children of all ages, including beach combing, sand castles and different shells to further discover our beaches. 

Thank you to everyone who attended our Star Gazing evening at Marlee Reserve.
We hope to make this an annual event.

We also enjoyed 'My Park Grooves' at Templetonia Reserve including: make your own mermaid, add your thumb print to the giant dolphin poster, colouring in and badge making.

 Look out for Dudley Dolphin at the following events: Rotary Duck Race, Mandurah Stretch Festival and Get Hooked on Fishing. Find out more here.

 News from the Mandurah Tree Advocates

We celebrated National Tree Day on 30th July. Well-known environmentalist and expert nest provider Joe Tonga called into the Mandurah Tree Advocates stall at Marlee Reserve and, whilst saying hello to Stacey and Barbara, complimented us on our display presentation and focus on bush animals.

Thank you Neville Passmore for a fabulous presentation on 8th November and for telling us about the
Green Space Alliance and the 202020 Vision Plan.


Thank you to Grill'd Mandurah for supporting us during the month of July!


 Thank you to the customers of Grill'd who put their Local Matters token into the Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group jar.

We got the most tokens in July and have received our $300 cheque from Grill'd.

This money will help us to fund our activities and will enable us to keep our membership fee at zero!



We refused single-use plastic during PLASTIC FREE JULY

The Mandurah Dolphin Girl Guides partnered with Dudley Dolphin and the Mandurah Environment & Heritage Group to promote Plastic Free July.
 The Girl Guides learned about the effects that single-use plastics are having on the environment and designed posters for local businesses to display during the month of July.

The following businesses put away their plastic straws for the whole of July and promoted our "NO STRAW PLEASE!" campaign:
The Brighton Hotel, Novara Northside Lunch Bar, Park Road Lunch Bar, Samadhi Café, Something Raw Café and Tree of Life Café.

Are you ready to take the challenge all year round? Some of the easy things we can do are to use reuseable shopping bags for groceries, take a reuseable water bottle when you head out for the day, and ask your local business to fill your travel mug for takeaway coffees instead of using the "disposable" plastic-lined cups.

There are so many ways we can reduce our consumption of single use plastic.
For more ideas and to take the Plastic Free Challenge visit


 Thank you to our volunteers who help at our events

 We successfully presented several enjoyable activities for all ages at the Stretch Festival and at the launch of the Frasers Landing Water Park in May. Check out the Stretch photos on Dudley Dolphin's facebook page and the Frasers Landing video here.

 Thank you to the City of Mandurah and to the Rotary Club of Mandurah for sponsoring these events.
We are looking for volunteers to help us with our forthcoming activities, including the Falcon Lions Junior Fishing Competition on the morning of Sunday 28th January 2018.

 Please email us for information.


 Restoration plants are on the UP at Yalgorup National Park

 Many thanks to award-winning ecologist Dr Katinka Ruthrof for her riveting and informative talk to the Mandurah Tree Advocates on 20th March.

Please click here to see a PDF of Katinka's slides

 Katinka's weed killer recipe for those of us who don't like glyphosate: 3.7L white vinegar, half a cup of salt and a couple of squirts of liquid detergent!

Encouraging reponsibility on the waterways

 Eyes on the Water Peel was one of our first projects and is still going strong. There are a couple of different ways that people can report speeding boats or any other marine incident:
1. Fill out this form and return it to the address on the form. If the person making the report takes note of the offending vessel’s registration number and other details like date, time, speed etc. and is also willing to go to court, then the Department of Transport can take action. This action will most likely be in the way of a Boating Caution.
If these details are not recorded then they can still send in the form so that the problem can be addressed in a broader way, like signage or increasing patrols in that area.
2. In the case of a person witnessing what they think to be a dangerous or potentially dangerous activity then they also have the option to call the 24hr Water Police number 9442 8600. This will get the next available patrol out to their area.

 Our popular mascot Dudley Dolphin

Did you see Dudley Dolphin running in mascot race at the Rotary Duck Race and Family Fun Day on Easter Saturday? 

If not, please click on the video below.  Dudley Dolphin says: "I'm better at swimming than running!"

For information about Dudley Dolphin & the Dolphin Buddy Club for kids please visit

 Annual General Meeting

Our AGM was held on 4th December 2017. Our new committee members are: